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What are the quotation elements of the crawler shot blasting machine?
Dec 05, 2017

As a user, we will naturally pay more attention to the price of a crawler shot machine. So, what are the factors that affect the price of a caterpillar shot blasting machine? Next, we will analyze the content of this aspect, and hope to provide some reference for you
First of all, the specifications of the caterpillar shot blasting machine will affect the price directly. It is obvious that the price difference between different specifications is more obvious. This is because different standards of equipment can achieve different standards in practical applications, and their performance is also different. What's more, their cost cost is different, which will affect the quotation.
Next is the quality of the accessories of the caterpillar shot blasting machine, which will also have a certain impact on the price. For the equipment, the main components are the guard plate, the directional sleeve, the blade, the ball wheel and so on. There are three different types of protective panels including top shield, side panel and end shield. The price of the different parts is different, and it will also affect the price of the equipment.

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Third, when choosing a caterpillar shot blasting machine, it needs to be selected according to the actual shot blasting technology. Specifically, it is to choose the suitable shot blasting technology to make sure the effect is reasonable according to the type of the actual workpiece. Also note that the materials, using the iron or steel or aluminum pill pill. It is suggested that you can make comparison test according to the actual processing effect, and choose the more suitable type from it.
In short, when purchasing crawler type shot blasting machine, we should pay attention to its own price on the one hand, and pay attention to considering the actual production requirements, so that we can throw enough texture and ensure product quality.


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