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What are the requirements for removing rust from shot blasting machine?
May 22, 2017

Derusting blasting machine appearance common sense small encyclopedia: commonly used sand blasting or shot blasting Derusting method to remove rust is the use of compressed air, the necessary granularity of sand through the spray gun spray on the parts of the appearance of rust, not only rust fast, but also for coating, spraying, electroplating and other processes to prepare for the appearance, after the appearance of sandblasting treatment can reach clean, have a certain roughness of the appearance of the request, and then improve the composite cover layer and parts of the binding force.

Commonly used sand blasting methods include dry sand blasting, wet sand blasting, dust-free sand blasting and high-pressure water blasting.

Dry sand blasting dust, environmental protection, damage to health, wet method although no dust, but moisture will cause the appearance of rust again. The way to avoid it is to participate in the water 15 rust inhibitor (trisodium phosphate sodium carbonate, sodium nitrite, etc.) and emulsifier or soap water, so that its appearance in a short period of time no longer rust, and then apply to maintain the primer.

Dust-free sandblasting is to add sand, sand blasting and sand recovery in a closed system in a continuous cycle, so as to avoid dust.

High-pressure water sandblasting is mainly used for large area derusting, such as hull, oil tanks, oil tanks, boilers, etc., water also often participate in passivation agents and soap water.

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