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Which shot pieces are suitable for the passing shot blasting machine
Jun 11, 2018

The through shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized workpieces, such as electrical cabinet fittings, casting parts of steam fittings, machining and so on. Its performance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, clean up the outdoor size (long * width * height):1800 * 1800 x 3320m. Equipment door height: 2500mm, which ensures that large and medium-sized workpieces can have enough operating space in the chamber.


2, the hook load up to 1000kgs, lifting speed up to 20m/min, hook operation for speed: 15m/min, rotation speed: 2.8r/min, to maximize the workload and work efficiency.

3, the shot blasting machine adopts Q034 type, the single shot blasting ratio can reach 250kg/min, the shot blasting speed is 76m/s., can effectively throw the workpiece, achieve the derusting cleaning effect.

4, the dust collector uses BT-48 bag filter to deal with the air volume of 5600 m3/h, so the dust emission concentration is controlled at less than 100mg/m3.

Finally, the surface quality of the workpiece after shot blasting is Sa2.5, GB8923-88 and Sa2.0.


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