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Whole machine debugging in the steel pipe shot blasting machine workshop
Sep 08, 2018

Because it is an export equipment, the customer's on-site installation is very inconvenient. Therefore, our company fully considers the user's on-site installation situation, and installs a base for the whole set of equipment. After the parts of the equipment are separated and installed on the base, after the whole delivery to the customer site, the customer only Need to complete the stitching on the base.

The main body of the equipment, the steel pipe feeding roller, the feeding roller, and the third-stage dust removal.

Overall appearance of the device

The steel pipe shot blasting machine is suitable for shot blasting of a single pipe. The conveying system can be frequency-controlled and speed-controlled. The effect of the shot blasting on the steel pipe is fine. The top two blasting machines simultaneously perform shot blasting on the outer wall of the steel pipe, and the efficiency is high. The three-stage dust removal scheme is adopted, and the cyclone dust collector filters large particles, and then the dust is removed by the needle felt filter bag before entering the filter dust collector to ensure the dust removal effect.

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