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Working performance and functional composition of Shot Blasting Machine for Derusting
Jan 10, 2019

As a high-performance shot blasting equipment, the shot blasting machine for rust removal can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the steel in the initial state, remove the rust rust layer and its scale on the rust layer, and obtain it. Uniform metallic luster surface with a certain degree of smoothness to remove stress and improve the quality and corrosion resistance of steel structures and steel surface finishes.


In fact, during the operation of the shot blasting machine for rust removal, the workpiece is sent to the projectile area of the cleaning chamber by the adjustment motor of the frequency converter to drive the workpiece to rotate, and the workpiece is subjected to different directions from the space structure. The ten strong and powerful projectiles hit and rub, the oxidized scale and dirt on the steel quickly fall off, the steel surface obtains a certain roughness of the shiny surface, and the workpiece is subjected to dense and strong impact, eliminating internal stress and avoiding the workpiece. Deformation.


The main components of the shot blasting machine for rust removal are: main and auxiliary cleaning chamber, blasting machine, conveying system, blasting tube, hoist, separating screw conveyor, separator, pill system, platform , pneumatic systems and electrical control systems.


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