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Working principle and structural characteristics of conveyor belt shot blasting machine
Nov 29, 2018

Conveyor belt shot blasting machine mainly consists of cleaning chamber body, workpiece conveying belt conveyor, high efficiency blasting machine, bottom screw conveying system, hoist, separator, dust removal system, pneumatic system and electrical control system. During the operation, the manually cleaned workpieces are placed on the conveyor belt as required, and the workpiece is continuously conveyed to the chamber projection area by the belt conveyor. The two high-efficiency blasting machines at the upper part of the chamber body are rotated at high speed to throw the steel shots. Shoot at the workpiece and clean the scale and rust on the upper surface of the workpiece.


The workpiece cleaned by the conveyor belt shot blasting machine will be manually removed or slipped into the turnover box by the discharge chute; the projectile thrown by the blasting machine falls into the lower part of the chamber and is pushed to the hoist by the vertical and horizontal spirals. In the lower part, the hoist lifts the projectile and sends it to the separator. The projectile will be air-selected through the separator screen. Unqualified projectiles and dust are sucked into the dust collector; the qualified projectile falls into the storage hopper for shot blasting.


The important part of the conveyor belt blasting machine is the workpiece conveying belt conveyor, which mainly includes the head wheel, the tail wheel, the supporting wheel, the bracket and the ring belt. The head wheel is driven by the reducer to drive the tail wheel through the ring belt with the hole. The tail wheel is provided with a belt tensioning device, which can adjust the tension and deviation of the belt. There are multiple rollers under the belt to prevent the belt from sagging. The belt needs special order: because the surface of the belt is being thrown for a long time, the surface needs to be made of wear-resistant rubber, and the leaking pill hole is put on, so that the projectile does not exist on the surface of the belt.



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