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Working principle of steel structure shot blasting machine
Nov 17, 2017

steel structure shot blasting machine, it is one kind of shot blasting machines. And you can see out from the name of the shot blasting machine, In addition, we can also know that the role of the shot blasting machine is for steel structure shot blasting or shot blasting cleaning, so as to enhance the surface properties of steel structure, so that it has good use effect.

steel structure shot blasting machine Working principle:

It is with the motor roller as the carrier, the workpiece and at the same time, let the workpiece along the roller, cleaning for different range projectile shot. In addition, the equipment adopts the method of continuous through type operation to carry out shot blasting cleaning operation, so as to obtain the desired purpose and effect of the operation.


Steel shot blasting machine, in the cleaning process, by electrical control of speed roller conveyor, projection area will be steel or steel to send in the shot blasting machine, and then shot down and friction, such, can make the workpiece surface impurities, rust and oxidation skin and remove. Then, to achieve the desired effect for shot blasting machine.

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