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Working process and application range of crawler shot blasting machine
Nov 10, 2018

The track type shot blasting machine can be used alone or in a wiring operation. It can be used for surface derusting or shot peening of multi-variety, large and medium-sized production workpieces. The workpieces must be cast and heat-treated parts with a single weight of less than 150kg, which is not afraid of collision, and belongs to the scope of casting machinery.


The working process of the crawler type shot blasting machine: after putting the workpiece to be processed into the rubber crawler drum, press the “Run” button, the shot blasting chamber door is pneumatically closed, the shot blasting starts, the crawler belt runs forward, and the workpiece is continuously tumbling. The high-efficiency and powerful blasting machine throws the shot blasting at high speed onto the surface of the workpiece being tumbling, and the workpiece can be cleaned completely uniformly. The steel shot flows into the screw conveyor through the sliding hole on the track, and then the steel shot is conveyed to the bucket elevator, lifted to the separator by the bucket elevator, separated and stored for use. After the shot blasting is completed, the shot blasting chamber door is automatically opened, the crawler belt is reversed, and the workpiece is unloaded.


The scope of application of the crawler type shot blasting machine: For the present, the machine can be used for cleaning and varnishing various die-casting parts, precision castings, precision forgings, etc.; removing the surface oxide scale of heat-treated parts, castings and forgings; Strengthening, fastener rust removal and pre-treatment.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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