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Application Field Of Blast-pill Treatment In Rice Cooker
May 22, 2017

Rice Cooker Special purpose shot blasting machine use: With the improvement of people's standard of living, the quality of all kinds of cooking utensils are increasing, in order to meet the daily needs of people's lives, the production of various types of cooking utensils, even the shell is widely used in the surface shot peening process, the use of shot blasting machine to achieve high-quality product requirements, in response to this requirement, shot blasting machine in this area has been widely used, but also the blasting machine manufacturers in the production process of the role of one of the important role, In order to increase the adhesion between the inner liner and the coating, the important process of cleaning the outer surface impurities of the inner bile is put into.

Shot blasting function for customers to solve: 1. Surface treatment sandblasting, shot blasting, shot blasting, dust removal equipment system solutions and equipment; 2, automotive manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, electronics, plastics, petrochemical, shipbuilding, energy, machinery, building materials, home appliances, ceramics, alloy knives and other fields of surface blasting treatment overall solution.

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