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Application Of Shot Blasting Machine In Stamping And Casting Industry
May 22, 2017

For stamping and foundry industry, the use of shot blasting machine is very popular, because its use can make stamping parts and castings surface become very new and smooth, and the use of the process, as long as the use of instructions and methods, then this equipment will be very simple and easy to use, it is also very convenient, so that you choose not to regret, because its existence can let you save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Most of the time we always have our own experience with the use of shot blasting machine, or our own ideas, if the general direction of the right idea, then you can try, if you want to change the use of the principle of the machine and the relevant technology, then must communicate with technical personnel, not to the last resort to the use of technical innovation, if this is the case, then it is best to conduct the online simulation test run.

The technician who has operated the shot blasting machine will be very kind to the large equipment, because it can make many workpieces become flat, and it has the projectile collection system and the projectile launch system is very interesting, at least most of the workers will think of a child playing slingshot feeling and scene.

After using the normal machine, you must always remember on the equipment for regular inspection, shot blasting machine parts and components to be inspected carefully, so as to prevent the use of shot blasting machine in the process of potential security problems, feel the strength of this equipment, it is necessary to experience the true principle of the machine.

Therefore, the factory in the use of shot blasting machine must really grasp the operating principle of this equipment, only after the master, will be in practice encountered any problems can have a solution.

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