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Breakout Of Blasting Machine Industry
May 22, 2017

Short-term controlled by the impact of decline, long-term still optimistic about the development of Chinese shot blasting machine prospects. Although the short-term impact of national restructuring and regulation, shot blasting machine growth slowed sharply, but in the long run, in the next 5-10 years, China shot blasting machinery market demand is still huge: Guangrao land and large population scale urbanization space is huge, east and west of the difference is significant, China's economy is large and not strong. These conditions determine that China's shot blasting machine industry will have a rapid development in the future.

Three factors cast the coal machine shot blasting machine industry's billion market demand: the coal machine product demand mainly comes from the new coal mine, the stock equipment renewal as well as the mechanization rate enhancement and so on three aspects. According to the Coal Machinery Industry Association forecast, by 2015 domestic coal machine industry demand of about 150 billion yuan, the next five years compound growth rate in 22%. Preliminary estimate, the market growth rate of the coal machine shot blasting machine will reach 200%. In the foundry industry in such a depressed market environment, is tantamount to the national shot blasting machine industry a gift package.

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