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How To Reduce The Energy Consumption Of Spray Booths
Jun 04, 2018

The spray booth is the infrastructure that is used more frequently during the modification process of the car's outer coating. The domestic car repair occupation has used the spray booth to modify the car coating for many years. With the establishment of the country; the strategic needs of a capital-saving and environment-friendly society, the importance of environmental protection has risen to an unprecedented level. For this reason, China’s auto insurance association is also actively conducting the theme of energy saving, emission reduction and green repair. A series of activities led and promoted the industrial restructuring of China's auto repair industry and industrial promotion. This also provides guidelines for the transformation of paint booths during the repair of cars and the development of new products.


First, the environmental impact of traditional paint spray room and the transformation of new skills to run the traditional spray paint room The environmental damage factors are: SO, NO. , TPS, benzene / xylene and other exhaust emissions, vOc emissions, noise pollution, waste containing paint slag, waste paint when empty barrels of emissions and electricity, fuel consumption and so on.


Second, the new energy-saving paint spray room reflects the new power spray room contains bio-energy, solar energy, wind power and other clean power spray paint room, together with the water-based paint spraying and baking, supplemented by motor and fan noise, in addition to stained with paint Apart from hazardous waste, its pollutant emissions have only a slight impact on the environment.


Centralized heating spray booths, because the power is supplied from the outside, can comprehensively manage the discharged pollutants, and when the waterborne paint is sprayed and baked, the environmental impact is also subtle.

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