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Shot Blasting Machine Application At The Airport
Apr 21, 2018

The use of shot blasting technology on horizontal surfaces was first used by the United States Navy to remove the rubber stamps left on the deck. However, the use of this technology was deficient in the power systems available at the time for production and machinery, and it was not immediately promoted in practice. In recent years, our company has developed and produced a series of shot blasting machines. The promotion of this technology has made a great revolution in airport and road maintenance methods, and has reduced the slipping problems and hidden accidents caused by tire water splashes.

Technical description

Shot blasting techniques involve spraying iron beads (diameter 1.7 to 2 mm) onto the treated surface through one or more turbines. At the time of spraying, the softer surface is removed to form an extremely superficially irregular "orange peel" structure. The microbeads and rubbish are inhaled by a vacuum cleaner connected to a shot blasting machine, a special filtration system. The iron microbeads are automatically separated from the rubbish, cleaned and returned to the bead cycle. The rubbish is separated into the output bin. To ensure micro The recycling of the beads, in addition to the special high horsepower vacuum cleaner (which is an integral part of the machine), works in parallel with the shot blasting machine. Providing shot blasting techniques on horizontal runways to clear the following issues

Removing glue

Most of the round glue accumulates on sensitive parts of the runway, such as landing and takeoff belts. This area is an accident-prone area, especially on rainy days. There are many reasons: on the surface of the runway, the accumulated rubber material is reduced or even eliminated. The macroscopic or microscopic slip resistance should result in surface slippage or no gap between aircraft tires.

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