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Shot Blasting Machine Is An Efficient Derusting Machine
May 22, 2017

In the face of the current industrial development, the enterprise to some metal casting requirements more and more high. In real life, we can see everywhere such as hardware and electronic equipment, oxygen cylinders, steel racks are within the category. Most of what we see are metal industrial products with smooth surface and good texture. So what are the ways to make these things so shiny in industrial production? The answer is derusting machine-shot blasting machine. and derusting machine models are many, for some large and medium-sized castings, through-type shot blasting machine is essential for derusting equipment.

So how does the shot blasting machine realize its worth? In essence, through the shot blasting machine in a number of large and medium-sized castings, forgings and plate casting treatment, mainly by removing the surface of the workpiece sticky sand, rust, oxide skin, dirt and so on, so that the surface of the workpiece to show obvious metal color and eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, so as to improve the anti-fatigue performance of the workpiece, and further increase the paint film adhesion, and finally to improve the workpiece surface and internal quality. What is more important is that the shot peening machine is also equipped with a shot peening mechanism to carry out a targeted cleaning of the workpiece to achieve the goal of complete clean-up.

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