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The Development Of China's Large-scale Foundry Machinery-shot Blasting Machine
May 22, 2017

Large-scale foundry machinery is a key point in China. It is also one of the standard lines to measure the level of China's forging industry, the large foundry machinery Workbench is to melt the metal into a certain request of the liquid and poured into the mold, after cooling condensation, clearing treatment to obtain a reservation shape, scale and function of the casting technology process. Shot blasting Machine Workbench is different from other technology features, mainly adaptability, need information and equipment, pollution environment. Forging production will occur dust, harmful gases and noise pollution to the environment, compared to other mechanical production technology to be more serious, need to adopt environmental protection methods to control.

As the key component of the serious technical equipment, the large-scale cast-iron shot-blasting machine worktable has a high request to the internal stress, the ability of sticking to the scale precision, the rigidity, the abrasion resistance and so on. Therefore, with more stringent technical standards and safety standards, the quality and reliability of large-scale shot blasting machine worktable directly affect the service life and working function of the supporting host.

Industry figures, with the development of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, the need for large castings will continue to increase. The large-scale blasting machine table casting market needs will continue to rise. Although China's foundry industry has always been committed to independence, but it is far from the mature industry of a thriving country. These years, the strong foreign high-end brands to attack, but also exacerbated the Chinese foundry industry. Therefore, China shot blasting machine casting industry in order to establish a foothold in foreign markets, must be from the quality of products up and down time.

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