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The Difference Between Shot Blasting And Sandblasting
May 22, 2017

Throwing pill is the use of high-speed rotating impeller to the small steel pill or small iron ball thrown out high-speed impact parts surface, it can be removed from the surface of the oxide layer. At the same time, steel shot or iron pill high-speed impact parts surface, resulting in a part of the surface of the lattice distortion deformation, so that the surface hardness is increased, is a part of the surface cleaning method, shot blasting commonly used to clean the surface of castings or to strengthen the surface of the parts.

Shot blasting and sandblasting can play to the workpiece to clearing decontamination purposes, the purpose is to prepare for the next order, that is, to ensure the roughness of the next procedure requirements, but also some to the surface of the consistency, shot peening on the workpiece to strengthen the role of sand blasting is not obvious. The general shot peening is a small steel ball, sandblasting is quartz sand. According to different requirements, subhead. Precision casting almost every day with sandblasting, shot pill.

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