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The Future Development Trend Of Shot Blasting Machine
May 22, 2017

There is too much circulation in the middle, and the control of the circulation chain failure, reduce the profits of the factory, not timely access to customer demand, easy to lead to a decline in customer satisfaction; did not pay sufficient attention to the operation of large-scale product data, customer large data, service means obsolete, not standard, do not have the ability to save traces of data

Take the electronic commerce platform as the hand, take the machine factory as the center, will the supplier, the agent, until the customer, all through together, the platform and the internal system makes the data through, the machine factory directly provides the quality service for the customer, constructs a unified, the sharing, the digitized electronic Commerce ecology Circle.

Data management platform allows the integration of data islands into reality to allow the potential of large data to play. Set up a unified virtualization, cloud computing platform, the physical server, storage equipment, network equipment, etc. abstracted into a variety of resources and pool, the pool of resources in a unified management.

Through a private cloud platform, consolidate the enterprise Server environment, deploy the virtualized infrastructure, and implement the management functions of registering, allocating, deploying, changing, reclaiming, monitoring, statistics, and deleting all kinds of resources in the internal resource pool, providing the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution through a variety of complementary services.

Internet + Engineering machinery: Shot blasting machine has been in the "flash" posture into people's horizons, in the future, who has the need to system, with the need to the ability, who will eventually seize the market.

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