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The Potential And Prospect Of Shot Blasting Machine Industry
May 22, 2017

Shot blasting machine industry covers a wide range of airports, manufacturing and so on, I feel particularly in the shipbuilding industry. Wuxi's shot blasting machine is quite formidable, remembers in the former time saw the news, the railroad in the shot blasting machine's strong support, many projects are basically completed. Here's what I'm talking about. Steel industry: The future domestic shipbuilding steel will present the following trend: 1 large-scale ship has caused the trend of large-scale use of ship board. Foreign generally use the width of 3.5-4.5 meters of steel plate, or even more than 4.5 meters of steel. In terms of length, the foreign steel company has the longest fixed ruler of up to 22-24 meters, part is 26 meters, and requires to be able to produce a fixed ruler according to the shipyard. 2 the corrosion resistance and service life of the board coating are more demanding to ensure the safety of the hull structure. 

With the formal introduction of new specifications for international ballast tanks last year, it is clear that the requirements and standards of board coatings are incorporated into the classification conditions. New shipbuilding coating and coating construction quality control There is a more rigorous and clear guide. 3. In the profile, the shipyard for large-scale, high quality, corrosion-resistant performance of the ball flat steel, large unequal-thickness angle steel demand will be increased.

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