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What Are The Similarities Between Shot Blasting And Sandblasting?
May 22, 2017

In the field of shot blasting machine equipment, the most important is shot blasting and sandblasting in both aspects. Shot blasting mainly refers to the shot blasting machine, and sandblasting is mainly refers to the sandblasting equipment. I will introduce the same to the different points of blasting and sandblasting.

Shot blasting is a mechanical surface treatment process of the name, it is the principle of the motor driven impeller rotation, by centrifugal force, the role of a certain diameter projectile thrown to the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece to achieve a certain degree of roughness, improve the service life of the workpiece.

Sandblasting (Sand Blasting) is a work that uses compressed air as a driving force to push the abrasive to the surface of the workpiece, specifically, the use of compressed air, high-pressure water, steam and other driving abrasive flow to the surface of the workpiece cleaning, hardening, cutting, abrasion to change the shape or status of the operation process, sandblasting phenomenon is widespread, but this process is very slow, not easy to be detected.

The purpose of the workpiece for shot blasting and sandblasting is to prepare for the order, not only to ensure that the next procedure roughness requirements, but also require the workpiece in the surface treatment as far as possible consistent, shot peening on the workpiece has enhanced effect, it's more obvious, relatively speaking, sand blasting is not obvious. The general shot peening is a small steel ball, sandblasting is quartz sand. Sandblasting is mainly manual operation, and the shot pill is automatic and semi-automatic, and the spray is compressed air as a power to the sand or pellets sprayed on the surface of the material to achieve clearance and a certain degree of roughness. Throwing is the method of centrifugal force produced by the high speed rotation of the pill, impacting the surface of the material to achieve the removal and the roughness of the workpiece, whether it is shot blasting or sand blasting can be used to clean up decontamination purposes.

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