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Working Process Of Rubber Belt Tumble Shot Blasting Machine
Aug 08, 2018

As a good performance shot blasting equipment, the rubber crawler type shot blasting machine is mainly composed of shot blasting blasting chamber, blasting machine assembly, pellet recycling system, automatic feeding system (optional), crawler system, Dust removal system and electrical control part.


In actual operation, when we add an appropriate amount of workpiece to the shot blasting bin of the rubber crawler shot blasting machine, the pneumatic gate is automatically closed, the machine is started, the workpiece is driven by the roller, and the flipping is started, and the blasting machine is thrown at high speed. The projectile forms a fan beam that strikes evenly on the surface of the workpiece. The projectiles and grit thrown at this time flow from the small holes in the crawler to the screw conveyor at the bottom, and are transported into the hoist, which is separated by the hoist mentioned in the separator.


In this process, the generated dust-containing gas is sent to the dust collector through the fan for filtration, and then the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the dust is blown back into the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector through the air, and the user can periodically Clear. The shot sand mixture is recycled into the chamber body by the recycling pipe, and is reused after the separator is separated, and the clean projectile is thrown into the rubber crawler type shot blasting machine by the pill gate to throw the workpiece.

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