MB2 Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine

MB2 Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine

Product description

MB-2 Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine

Technical Parameters

Interior   size of shot blasting roon: diameter X width( mm)  Ф600×900
Max   loading weight:                                     200kgs
The largest weight of per unit                          5kgs
Motor for impeller head                                11kw
Diameter   of the impeller                                 Ф360
Elevator(auger   conveyor one-piece)                         1.1kw
caterpillar   drive                                         1.5kw
Pill   sand auger conveyor drive                             0.55kw
vibration   motor                                         0.2kwX2
Oil pressure motor                                        1.5kw
fan deliverym³/h                                          2300
Fan total pressure                                        1400
Power of the dedusting motor                          2.2kw(Settlement   type dust removal+ Electronic pulse dust removal
After the filtration does not include any oil content of dry   compressed air pressure(Mpa)580

Specific air consumption                                  4 Nm³/h
Steel   grits input quantity                                 200kgs
Exchange three phase                                    380 V       50 Hz
Control   tension power single phase                     220V        50 Hz
Equipment total power                          about 18kw

Precautions for safety operation of rubber crawler type(tumble type0 shot blasting machine

In order to ensure safe production, before the rubber crawler type shot blasting machine is used, the site operator needs to carry out the related inspection first. It is mainly to check the running state and wear of all parts of the equipment. If it is found that the wear is serious, please carry out the maintenance in time so as to avoid a safety accident. It is confirmed that the rubber crawler type shot blasting machine can be used in good condition.

After the inspection is completed, it is necessary to lubricate the various lubricating points of the rubber crawler type shot blasting machine, and also to oil the reducer. And before opening the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the switches are safe and reliable. Remember, the operator must be proficient in the operating skills of the equipment. Non professionals are not allowed to enter.

During the operation of the rubber caterpillar shot blasting machine, the feeding and unloading process should pay special attention to safety, prevent the workpiece from rotating out of high speed and cause the injured accident. When adding material, we should adjust the charging amount based on the actual situation and ensure that the workpiece has certain activity space, and the charging volume can not exceed the prescribed scope of the shot blasting machine. After the production operation is completed, be sure to wait until the equipment is completely stationary before the cleaning room door can be opened.

It is important to note that the power supply must be cut off before the rubber crawler type shot blasting machine is overhauled. If the plate or rubber caterpillar in the shot blasting machine is found to be broken or worn seriously, it should be replaced in time and fly out with bullet proof pills. As for the scattered projectiles around the equipment, it should be cleaned up at any time in order to prevent the operators from slipping.

In addition to the above contents, during the daily work, it is necessary to check the vulnerable parts of the rubber track type shot blasting machine in time, including blades, impeller, fixed sleeve, pellet wheel, etc., and clean the castings with dirty oil on time, and simultaneously remove impurities on the screen of the separator. And after the end of the rubber caterpillar shot blasting machine, the power supply should be cut off in time.



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