Steel Structure Through Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Structure Through Shot Blasting Machine

Details Product Description: We can design different types shot blasting machine for customers according to different workpiece and requirement. Advantages: 1 10 years professional production experience in shot blasting machinery industry. 2 22,000 m^2 production workshop, strong production...
Product description



Product Description:

We can design different types shot blasting machine for customers according to different workpiece and requirement.



1.Uniform projectiles are evenly covered with no shot dead angle

2.low noise operation of health and safety equipment

3.long life, suitable for durable wear parts long life, no change at any time

4.high efficiency direct connection powerful shot blasting device is high efficiency, high transmission efficiency and big shot quantity

5,high value-added energy-saving wind separator, sand mix separation rate

Product maintenance

1, the strict implementation of the number of posts to operate the equipment training familiar with the machine performance and characteristics. 2, familiar with the instructions of the shot blasting machine operating procedures, use, repair and maintenance, 3 operators must check whether all kinds of control cabinet (panel) switch is set at the desired position (including the power switch) and then to boot, in order to avoid misoperation, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, 4, the accident caused by equipment the operator shall not operate or touch electric switch control area, and not near the machine work area, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents 5. operating personnel must wear protective clothing, glasses and other 6 operators to pay special attention to all kinds of boot panel instrument indication, the instrument all reached the normal value, to the operation of small crane (roller) into the work program. If an individual instrument is found to have a large error (abnormal), close the machine immediately. After the inspection of the equipment failure processing, the normal operation of the machine can be done. 7 in the operation of the equipment, the operator must inspect the equipment for abnormal sound and overheating of the parts. In the operation of equipment found serious fault, according to the "emergency stop" button to stop for repairs, with professional personnel to troubleshoot the device 8, the operating personnel must be on the equipment according to the equipment management of daily maintenance and Zhou Baoyang (including lubrication), clean up dust and debris in a dust collector, so as to avoid effect of dust quality, ensure the availability of the equipment of 9. probe personnel must do civilization production and production safety and strictly implement the shift system, the end of 10, the machine will immediately turn off the power switch, so that the device is in operation. Well clean up the work site


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