non-standard Roller Conveying Shot Blasting Machine

Roller Conveyor Blast MachineApplication; Roller table type shot blasting machne is mainly used for the surface de-rusting for steel plate and section steel is such industries as ship manufacture, automobie manufacture, locomotive vehicle, bridge and machinery.
Product description

Roller Conveyor Blast MachineApplication:

Roller table type shot blasting machne is mainly used for the surface de-rusting for steel plate and section steel is such industries as ship manufacture, automobie manufacture, locomotive vehicle, bridge and machinery.

Rotary drum shot blasting machines Basic Info:

·Fuel: Electric

·Cleanliness: High Cleanliness

·Certification: CE ISO

·Condition: New

·Brand Name: Think-m ,  yurong

·Industry Used: Motor Vehicles, Diesel Engines, etc

·Blast Wheel: High Chromium Wear Resistant

·Dimension(L*W*H): Customized

·Dust Collector: electronic impulse+filter or water curtain dust

·Trademark: Think-m ,  yurong

·Application: Metal Cleaning, Derusting

·Type: Catenary-Through Abrator

·Automation: Automatic

·Feature: Critical Cleaning / Residue Free

·Customized: Customized

·Steel Shot Blasting Machine Color: According to Your Requirement

·Blasting Media: Steel Shot

·Wear Parts: High Chrome, Zgmn13, etc

·Industrial Experience: Over 20 Years Professional Design Experience

·Warranty: One Year (Except Wearing Parts)

·Transport Package: Pallet, Foam and Plastic Film  Or wood carton/Customized

·Origin: Wuxi, Jiangsu


1.The whole roller conveyor system speed is adjusted by frequency converter. The whole system not only can be operated synchronuously, but also every part can move separately. It can rotate forward and backward.

2. Rollers in blasting chamber are protected by special material jacket to prevent abrasive blasting.

3.blast wheels, adopt Swiss GF technological , whose abrasive flow volume is 120kg/min, blasting speed ≥78m/s, blade life ≥800hs, distributing impeller and control cage≥1000hs, line plate and protective plate≥1500hs,

4.Abrasive cleaning (patent)

* first step cleaning: "<"plough shope scraper, polyurethane material, three layers ladder-like       distribution, high effeciency.

*second step blow: high pressure blower will blow off abrasive and dust.  Reserved compressed air     additional blow pipeline is reserved.

5.We adopt the most advanced adjustable full curtain & multistage winnowing separator. Special  

Polyester wire core is used for elevator driving belt, Elevator driving wheel use mouse cage 

structure, preventing driving belt skidding. There are abrasive control device and replenish abrasive device. Every driving point has one alarm device.

6.This machine use inertia settlement chamber plus pulse reverse blow bag type dust   

collector.  Dust concentration of exhausted air is less than 80mg/m3.

7.PLC control system.This machine has a visualized dynamic simulation monitoring system, which can automatically find the failure position and timing wear resistable parts operation time, which will give important information to calculate spare part service time and maintenance time.

Roller table throught type shot blasting machine


Main Technical specifications


1. Product size:

steel structure(H beam steel) 500x1000mm ,steel plate 500-2000mmx50  or 100mmx (3-60)mm

2. convey system

Roller bed load carrying capacity   1500 kg/

Roller bed works speed   0.53m/min(adjustable)

Normal works speed   11.5m/min   Driving motors power   4kwx2

Infeed roller  7.5m    Out feed roller 7.5m     Middle roller  6.2m

3impeller head


Impeller head quantity:  4pcs(YRB-500)

Shot blast amount of pills  4x590kg/min

Motors power   4×37kw    Diameter of shot pills  Ф1.0-2.0mm


Lifting weight:: 150t/h       Lifting power:7.5kw

5pills and residue separater

Separate quantity: 150T/h      Separate wind speed 45m/s

Motors power    3kw

6Vertical screw conveyor

Convey quantity    150t/h     Motors power    4kw

7Horizontal screw conveyor

Convey quantity    50t/h   Motors power    3kw


8  Pills scraping and collecting system

Quantity        40t/h

Power            3kw

9rolling sweep system


Sweep quantity   40t/h   Power           4kw

Diameter of rolling brush Φ900 Φ3 imported nylon

10pills blow system


Air volume  3619m³/h

wind presssure   7109Pa   Power           15kw

11elevator system of scraping, sweeping and pills blowing

Motors power   1.5kw×3




Cyclone + (filter pulse dust collector     Work air volume  24982 m³/h

wind presssure   2303Pa    Air blower power   30kw


Mitsubishi PLC&frequency convertersproximity switchOmron photoelectric switch Kunlun tongtai Touch screen low-voltage electrical appliances are of Schneider/Suzhou Siemens,all function connect together, to ensure that pills valve opening when workpieces are there, and closed without workpiece,  save the working cost, Reduce equipment loss and Extend the usage life of equipment.


Main equipment total power  233kw


Max size of the equipment: 22000x9000x7000mm

Main equipment size(lengthxwidthxheighth)  6200x2700x7000

All sizes are only for reference

Dust collector and Electrical control Cabinets decorate according to the actual need, confirm when you are checking the drawings. With abrasive recovery system and filter system with catridge dust collector 


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